Snow On A Big Snow Anniversary?

With a chance for snow headed to the area Sunday night into Monday, some Eastern Carolinians may be reminded of another storm that visited the area on March 1-2. Two of the biggest snowstorms ever to hit eastern North Carolina occurred on the first 2 days of March, 72 years ago in 1927, and 29 years ago, in 1980. The March, 1980 storm dumped on average 1-2 feet of snow across most of the area. Almost every city 10 miles or more inland from the sounds received 12+ inches of snow. Snow totals ranged from 7" in Hatteras, 12" in Jacksonville and Columbia, 16" from Washington to Greenville to Wilson, to between 20-28" from Rocky Mount to Roanoke Rapids, and eastward across the northern counties to Elizabeth City. Some say they had snow drifts as high as six feet in their yards!

While 1-2 feet of snow is highly unlikely early next week, March snowstorms are typically some of the heaviest we see. This is primarily due to more available moisture in the air as we head towards late winter. As far as what we may see this March 1st and 2 , in typical meteorologist fashion I would say anywhere from a cold rain to several inches of snow......We just need to wait and watch.