UPDATE: Second Suspect Charged After Child Found In House With Meth Lab

A second person has been arrested for running a meth lab in Richlands but also for child abuse.

The Onslow County Sheriff's Office says 35-year-old Ibrahim Cruz was living with Charity Anglade on Scranton Court in Richlands. Anglade was arrested after authorities raided the house on Wednesday.

Officials say Cruz was hiding from law enforcement at a home on Oliver Cooper Lane in Richlands. He was arrested as he was leaving that home, and deputies found a small amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia in his possession.

Cruz faces one count of Manufacture Methamphetamine by Chemical Synthesis, one count of Conspire to Manufacture Methamphetamine, three counts of Possession of Methamphetamine Precursor, two counts of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Simple Possession of Marijuana.

Cruz is also charged with one count Child Abuse/Neglect. Deputies say Anglade's four year old child was living in the home with a working meth lab.

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A mother is under arrest after deputies say they found her four year old child in the home with a working meth lab.

Charity Anglade is charged with manufacture methamphetamine by chemical synthesis, conspire to manufacture methamphetamine, maintain a dwelling for the purpose of controlled substance, three counts of possession of methamphetamine precursor, child abuse/neglect and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Deputies say NCIS agents got information about meth being made at the home on Scranton Court in Richlands. Armed with a search warrant, they raided the home on Wednesday.

The child was taken to Onslow Memorial Hospital to be evaluated for exposure to meth. The SBI Clandestine Lab Response Team and a chemist from the NC Crime Lab responded to help with the search and collection of evidence. Inside, deputies say they found several "one pot" meth labs in the home, along with chemicals and other manufacturing supplies.

Anglade is jailed on a $175,000 bond. Deputies say more arrests and charges are pending.

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The Onslow County Sheriff's Office is investigating a possible meth lab where they say a four-year-old child may have been exposed to the drug.

The sheriff's office says they, along with the SBI and NCIS have been searching the home in the Richlands area.

The child living in the residence will be examined by medical personnel to determine if the child has health concerns due to exposure of the meth lab.

The sheriff's office says additional information will be released once the search is completed and charges are filed.