Still Confusion Over Medicare Drug Plan

The tough task of trying to pay for prescription drugs and other needs is a harsh reality for many seniors on fixed incomes. Medicare is designed to help, but some are finding it doesn't all add up. That's because the drug plan isn't counting out of pocket expenses, which will be lower; it’s using the full cost of the drugs when calculating coverage. So, seniors will hit their coverage limit before they actually spend that much. Once that happens, they pay 100 percent until hitting an out of pocket spending cap, depending on the plan. After that the drug plan picks up 95 percent of the cost. Medicare experts say that's why it's important seniors work with counselors who can match them with the best plan for their needs. The next enrollment for Medicare Plan D begins November 15 through December 21. There's also a grant funded program for those without any prescription insurance coverage. For more information you can call the council on aging in your area.