Tar River Flooding Threat?

The Tar River in Greenville is certainly one to watch whenever we have a serious rain event. It erupted from its banks following Hurricane Floyd.

So do we need to worry about a repeat with Ernesto? Officials say no, and here's why.

"Right now the river is actually lower then it usually is," says Mark Tysinger of River Park North. " With the rain that's expected to come, I'm sure it will come up some, but I don't expect this to be any kind of major flood."

Officials say the river will, of course, rise a bit with substantial rains,
but they anticipate nothing that might cause serious problems.

An important note: If locations farther to our west like Raleigh get rainfall amounts in the double digits, we may see localized flooding issues several days, even more than a week, down the line here in Eastern Carolina.