Two New Lottery Games!

We told you earlier this week about the two new games coming to the North Carolina lottery. Friday, there's even better news. You can watch the daily drawings for these games, right here on WITN-7!

"Carolina Pick 3" will debut on October 6. It's a three digit numbers game where the player chooses a three digit number between 000 and 999. The top prize is $500 for all players who match all three numbers in exact order.

"Carolina Cash 5" debuts October 27. It's a five digit numbers game where players select five numbers from the range of one to 39. The top prize will be at least $50,000. But if no player matches all five numbers, the prize money will increase for the next draw. The top prize could reach as high as $700. If there is more than one winner, the prize will be split evenly amongst the winners.

The drawings will take place seven days a week and you can watch them right here on WITN-7, around 11:22 each night. And of course, we'll continue to be the only station in Eastern Carolina bringing you the Powerball drawings each week, on Wednesday and Saturday nights, right before 11 p.m..

You can find out much more about the two new lottery games by clicking on the red lottery tab on the left side of the homepage to find links, as well as the latest drawing results.