Street Naming Controversy Causes Hard Feelings and Intense Emotions

The street naming controversy in Greenville continues to stir intense emotions. A vote by Greenville city council members last week has people up in arms. The battle to rename all of 5th Street has been going on for years and is now sparking personal attacks and accusations from one council member to another. In a 4 to 2 vote Thursday, city council members voted to rename the 264 Bypass after King. However, two members of city council, Rose Glover and Mildred Council, said they were not prepared to vote then and said they were blindsided by the other council members who are white. Glover and Council are accusing the council of conducting secret meetings on this issue and purposely excluding them. One council member vehemently denies any racial motivations for his decision and says the accusations are unfounded. In response to the city council's vote last week, a press conference was held Wednesday afternoon by a group fighting to rename all of 5th Street in King's honor.