Greenville Council Considers Renaming 264 Bypass After MLK

It's another chapter in the controversy over a street name in Greenville. A choice by the city council has folks up in arms. The battle over the name change has been going on for years, after the city council agreed to make West Fifth street, Martin Luther King Junior Drive. In recent months, leaders of the black community have lobbied to name all of Fifth Street after the civil rights leader. Thursday night, the Greenville City Council voted four to two to instead choose Highway 264 bypass as the road to name after Martin Luther King Junior. Reverend Ozie Hall is demanding the council throw out its vote, saying the public was not notified about the name issue in advance of the meeting. City attorney Dave Holec said the council did nothing wrong, that they simply voted to choose an option, the bypass, and to start the process to possibly re-name it after Martin Luther King Junior. Approvals from state officials are needed before the council moves forward and notifies the public of a possible name change.