UPDATED: Grimesland Bridge Closed Again

If you use the Grimesland Bridge, you'll have to find another way to work in the morning.

As of 2:00 Tuesday, the Department of Transportation declared the Grimesland Bridge condemned for use. The 54 year old bridge made out of re-enforced concrete has a crumbling foundation.

A 26 mile detour is now in place and the traffic impact is expected to be high. The 359 foot bridge will be closed until Friday, December 12th. DOT crews say the bridge at that time will be safe to use.

The Department of Transportation says it will start a 3 year construction project to build a new bridge starting in January of 2009.

The troubled Grimesland Bridge is closed yet again.

The D.O.T. shut down the bridge over the Tar River today because of structural failure. They expect Grimesland Bridge Road to be closed for the next two weeks.

The bridge has been shut down at least three times during the past year and a half. In October the bridge was closed after a car accident damaged it, then in February a hole appeared on the bridge's deck. In August 2007 the structure was shut down for what was called "extensive maintenance repairs."

The highway department says the bridge is set for replacement, but that could take 2-3 years.

People will be forced to use a 26 mile detour into Greenville using Highway 264 and NC 33 until the bridge is safe to reopen.