Eastern Carolinians Remember Atlanta Bombing

Eastern Carolinians who were there are remembering the bombing at Olympic Park in Atlanta, Georgia ten years ago July 27. Two people were killed and one other injured in the blast. New Bern resident Jana Tyson was attending those Olympic Games and remembers it like it was yesterday. She says, "I just think it's really sad that we live in a world where people will take a perfectly beautiful situation and turn it into something that's very sad and devastating for many people and family members." Another person from Eastern Carolina who was there was Brownie Futrell Junior, publisher and owner of the Washington Daily News. Futrell and his son traveled to Atlanta to watch a cousin of his who competing for the U.S. in a swimming event. Futrell says he was in the same spot where the bombing took place just 24 hours before it occurred. He says, "We were actually in the exact spot. I took a picture of my son and then after the bombing took place we developed the picture. It was in the exact location the bombing took place. As a matter of fact we provided the picture to authorities because in the background there was a man with a backpack." Anti-government extremist Eric Rudolph was eventually caught in western North Carolina and convicted for the crime.