Beaufort County School Superintendent Takes Stand

Cross examination from the county commissioner's attorney Neil Yarborough lasted until three Tuesday afternoon. He questioned Moss about how the school system spends its money, and why they need millions of dollars in additional funds. The school system is now asking for close to three million. During cross examination there were a lot of questions from the defense regarding what the school system does with state, federal and local funds. Yarborough argued there is too much money being sought in the case, but Dr. Moss said most all the federal and state money received is earmarked for mandated programs. Dr. Moss then was questioned by the school system's attorney Richard Schwartz. He asked Dr. Moss about his repeated attempts over the past 3 years to get more funding from the commissioners. Moss testified that he went to them at the end of each fiscal year when school money was close to running out. Moss said during each meeting the commissioners never disputed helping the school system with the funding they needed. Dr. Moss was also asked if a position was created in the school system for his wife. Moss said no and that the position was posted and open for months before she applied, and interviewed.