Beaufort County Commissioners Are Now Claiming School Board Misused Money

The school board claims they're not getting a million dollars because of personal vendettas and on Friday filed a lawsuit against the Beaufort County commissioners. The county commissioners say that's just not true. Monday afternoon, the Beaufort County commissioners called an emergency meeting. The county commissioners are going on the counter offensive, claiming the school system has not been truthful with how they've spent local funds in the past and have diverted local monies to benefit the central office rather than the classrooms. Monday afternoon Chairman Jay McRoy made a power point presentation to the other commissioners. In that presentation McRoy said after reviewing documents given to him by the school system he found a job was created at the central office for the superintendent's wife at a salary of nearly $70,000 and special trips taken by some central office employees. The county commissioners say they're being stonewalled at getting all the information they need. WITN contacted the attorney for the Beaufort County school board, Richard Schwartz. In response to McRoy's comments, he says quote "It's a shame we have a county commissioner that's a CPA and can't read a balance sheet. The trips are all legitimate. Dr. Moss's wife is more than qualified for the position which is funded with grant money."