Commissioners Talk About Budget Dispute In First Interviews

After a marathon mediation session that lasted four hours Wednesday night, the Beaufort County School Board and Commissioners are still at odds over school funding. Thursday, the two Beaufort County Commissioners talked to WITN about allegations their funding decisions for the school system are based on personal vendettas. It was the first on camera interviews for commission chairman Jay McRoy and commissioner Jerry Langley since the school board passed a resolution last week to take legal action if county commissioners don't come through with about $1,000,000 in requested funds. McRoy vehemently denies offering a vote in favor of passing the school budget as requested in exchange for helping a cheerleading team his daughter coaches. Commissioner Langley says at no point did he or his wife benefit because of his position or request a job change for his wife. Both commissioners say the school system is adequately funded and calls in to question how the school board manages its money. The school board still stands by the allegations and maintains rising costs call for an increase in funding.