Teens Help Ophelia Victims

A group of teenagers from Michigan traded in hamburgers and hot dogs on the Fourth of July for hammers and nails in Carteret County. The Interfaith Council of Carteret County coordinated with a christian service group in Plymouth, Michigan to work on homes damaged by Hurricane Ophelia that are still in need of repair. More than a dozen teens from that group spent their Fourth of July hammering through the hot weather. The group is working fast and furious on a Morehead City woman's home that fell victim to Hurricane Ophelia last year. Whether it's nailing in shingles or ripping off siding, these teens say their up to the challenge and just happy to help. WITN-7 was pleased to provide the Interfaith Disaster Council of Carteret County with the more than $18,000 the station raised in Ophelia relief. The council has worked tirelessly to help Ophelia victims.