How Gas Drive-Offs Cost You

The Triple-A-Carolinas expects 1,700,000 people in North Carolina to hit the roads this Fourth of July holiday weekend. And when you do, you'll find gas prices averaging $2.75 a gallon, about 60 cents higher than last Fourth of July. Something else that has gone up with the gas prices is gas drive-offs, a crime that you end up paying for. A law in North Carolina says those who drive-off without paying could lose their license. But North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles officials can't say how often that occurs, because they say they don't track those numbers. The North Carolina Petroleum Marketer's Association pushed for the law back in 2001. The organization says the law did some good initially, but says the situation now is worse than before it was enacted. Law enforcement officials admit, with so many other serious crimes, gas theft isn't a high priority.