New Developments In Possible Horse Neglect Case In Vanceboro

New developments on a story WITN first brought you Wednesday night at 11:00 involving what appears to be a severe case of horse neglect.

Officials with the United States Equine Rescue League were on the farm on Powell Road in Vanceboro in Craven County all day Thursday. The horses are on property the humane society identifies as belonging to former State Representative John Nichols and his wife Judy. We called John Thursday afternoon, who told us the horses belong to his wife. 40 horses are at the farm on Powell Road in Vanceboro. Many of the horses are nearly skin and bones, along with hooves that are deteriorating. Equine Rescue tells WITN that Mrs. Nichols was very cooperative and surrendered a gray stallion. This horse was in the worst condition. He was taken away to receive treatment. Equine Rescue is investigating other horses on the farm and is working with Mrs. Nichols to correct the poor conditions. They will be in touch with her on a daily basis.