Roof of Recreation Facility at Apartment Complex Collapses

The entire roof of a recreation building at an apartment complex collapsed this afternoon in Greenville. It happened at North Campus Crossing just off Highway 264. There were people inside the building just seconds before the entire roof fell to the ground.

Amazingly, no one was hurt. The roof caved in around 1:30 Thursday afternoon. Students who live in the apartment complex say they were sitting at the pool right next to the gym, heard a loud boom and then the roof fell. One woman barely escaped, but thanks to people waving at her from the pool below she was able to get out. She told us she just kept running, that she didn't know what it was until she saw all the insulation push in the doors and blow through. That's when she says she saw the girls at the pool waving for her to come out. She got off the treadmill and ran outside.

Thursday, Chris Burns, Executive Property Manager of North Campus Crossing issued a statement. In it he said, "Until the completion of this investigation, we are unable to comment on the reason for the roof failure. The investigation will include a review of all remaining buildings on the premises to ensure the safety of our residents which is of our utmost concern."