Commission Looking for Better Ways to Fund Beach Nourishment Projects

One of the reasons is cost. Officials with the North Carolina Coastal Commission are in Greenville this week. One of the items on their agenda... How other states fund and manage their beach nourishment projects. In 2005, North Carolina spent 32 million dollars in beach nourishment projects. Over 17 million of that money came from federal dollars. Communities that have beach nourishment projects in the works, like North Topsail Beach say each year federal funding has decreased, delaying the start of actually laying sand on the beach. And that's a trend that will continue. Experts say North Carolina has a law against building things like sea walls, so in some places re-nourishment is sometimes the most viable option. There are 328 miles of coastline in North Carolina. 45 miles have already undergone beach nourishment, while 35 miles of it are currently slated to undergo nourishment.