Low-Lying Flooding In Craven & Jones Counties

Wind gusts were reported up to 45 miles per hour in Craven County, but it was flooding of low-lying areas that caused the biggest problem. At New Bern's Union Point Park on the Neuse River, water rose high enough to breach the concrete pier. Even the ducks couldn't tell what was water and what was land. The park took on several inches of rain, as did some low-lying streets in the historic district. Despite the conditions though, it was business as usual for some workers. At one construction site in downtown New Bern builders tell us, Alberto's effects weren't strong enough to keep them indoors. In Jones County the Neuse River basin in the town of Pollocksville saw some higher levels than normal. Though most of the rainfall was to the eastern and northern counties, many inland streams rose over a foot during the mid-afternoon