3 Men Wanted For Pollocksville Stabbing, Robbery

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Jones County deputies are looking for 3 men they say jumped a man walking on Highway 17 in Pollocksville, stabbed him multiple times, and robbed him about 8:30 Monday night.

Investigators say a 49-year-old man was walking to Jay's Mini Mart when the three men hit the victim in the face with their keys, and then stabbed him in the arm and in the leg.

Investigators say the stabbing happened right on Highway 17. The victim was walking from his home on Oliver Street to the convenience store. It's scary news for folks who live and work nearby who says the are is becoming less safe.

"You want to keep an eye on where you're walking, try to stay in the lights, try to use your head, use good judgement and carry a big gun," said Darrell Bell of Pollocksville.

Many neighbors we spoke with were surprised to hear about the stabbing. Most of the businesses along the stretch of road were closed when stabbing happened.

Deputies say the victim has been released from the hospital. They are working to track down the suspects. Jones county deputies say the men stole the victims ID, credit cards, and all his money.