Bank Robbery Suspect Mistakenly Released

A bank robbery suspect Goldsboro authorities are looking for is supposed to be behind bars, but was mistakenly released. Monday at six we aired surveillance pictures from the bank camera at BB&T on Berkeley Boulevard and Cashwell Drive. Authorities say the suspect walked into the bank around 1:25 Monday afternoon and robbed it. Police say after the pictures showed up on television, someone called in and identified the suspect as 25-year-old Edwin Emory Scott. Police are still looking for him. And it turns out, Scott is supposed to be in prison. Goldsboro investigators say Scott was transported to Pennsylvania so authorities there could deal with outstanding charges against him. But after his case was resolved there, Scott was to be shipped back to prison here. Instead, Pennsylvania authorities let him go. Scott, who's been in trouble with the law since he was 17, was serving time for receiving a stolen vehicle. He was due to be released from prison in August.