Authorities Suspect Gangs Are Responsible for Rash of Robberies

Nearly 40 armed robberies in less than two months; that's what's been taking place in the city of Greenville and it has authorities searching for answers and new ways to crack down on these crimes. Earlier this week, we told you about an armed robbery of an ice cream truck driver in Greenville, who was held at gunpoint by a man wearing a red bandanna. The red bandanna was also seen again Wednesday at Pitt Stop One on Hooker Road where another robbery took place. It's these symbols, colors and repeated activity that has authorities with the Pitt County Sheriff Department Gang Division suspecting heighten gang activity in the area. Lawmen will use GRIP to help curb gang activity. It's is in its second year at the Pitt County Sheriff's Department. It's a program designed to keep gang members off the street by staying involved with sports and other programs.