Major Catfish Tournament To Continue

Bojangles is known for chicken, but Sunday they along with the Neuse Sport Shop were known for fish, catfish in particular.

Boats lined the Neuse River in Kinston this weekend for the first ever Catfish Classic Fishing Tournament, sponsored by those two organizations. There were over 50 boats fishing both Saturday and Sunday and they pulled in some monster fish, the biggest weighed 57 pounds. Russell Rhodes with the Neuse Sports Shop knew this tournament would be a success.

Officials have already decided to do this tournament again next year, and hopefully keep this an annual tradition. In case you were wondering, John Stroud and Chris Garris caught the most fish which earned them almost 4,000 dollars in prize money, while Kyle Kelly and Tom Parks caught the big 57 pound fish, which earned them 1500 dollars. On a side note, all catfish were released back into the river, maybe to be caught again next year.