Buried On Foreign Soil

Almost 64 years ago to the day, the British trawler Bedfordshire went down with all hands, victim of a German submarine attack in a former life a fishing vessel, converted to battle U-Boats off the Carolina coast. Four tiny graves mark the bigger story of our allies sacrifice. What had happened at the point of the Bedfordshire being sunk, America had just entered the war... Hitler had declared submarine warfare on this coast, and America understandably was not ready for that problem. So the U-Boats came here in as many numbers as they could muster, fortunately not as many as they would have liked, and in a brief space of about six months they sank 400 ships. During the height of the submarine attacks, German U-Boats were sinking on average one ship a day bound for Great Britain with enough food and fuel to supply their war effort for a month. Winston Churchill was quoted as saying his country nearly lost the war early on, right off our coast. And with losses at sea leaving little behind over which to grieve or remember, grave sites that dot our coast speak to past and present brothers in arms.