Governor Plans to Spend Big Bucks on Crime Fighting Tools


Governor Mike Easley is willing to spend big bucks to improve crime fighting efforts in North Carolina. On Monday, he announced a $47.7 million dollar "Secure Communities" initiative.

The money would be used to improve technology for local law enforcement agencies, adding more investigators, prosecutors, judges and clerks to the criminal justice system.

So what are some of his plans for the money? Easley is adding 12 SBI agents to help local law enforcement both in the field and in the crime lab. He is also including $1.9 million to modernize and upgrade the North Carolina Statewide Automated Fingerprint Identification System (SAFIS) network. With these improvements, local law enforcement officials will be able to more quickly determine the identity and background of criminal suspects.

Easley is providing $137,700 to update the state's sex offender registry hardware and software. It is the first upgrade since 1998.