Man Found Shot To Death In Car

It was a gruesome and chaotic scene in Pitt County Thursday afternoon. A man was found shot to death in his car, and a woman was dragged out of that vehicle against her will. Pitt County authorities say it happened following an altercation involving two vehicles on Highway 264 near Farmville. Lawmen say 27-year old Dustin Corey Smith of Greenville was shot at least seven times to the upper body. Authorities say a witness also saw a woman being dragged out of that vehicle, against her will, by the suspect in the other vehicle involved in the altercation. Authorities say that suspect is an AWOL Marine only identified as Timothy Stewart. Chief Lee Moore with the Pitt County Sheriff's Department says Stewart and the woman were later found at Lenoir Memorial Hospital. Moore believes the two drove to the hospital because the woman had apparently been shot in the hand. Stewart is in custody but has not been charged. Authorities are still investigating the incident. They are not ruling out a domestic dispute.