Low Voter Turnout in Local Elections

Empty polling booths; that's been the scene at many polling places around Pitt County. One place we checked in at had only 24 voters since the polls opened. Another only 42. Election officials we talked to said one of the reasons is that it's a mid-term election, but also there really aren’t any hotly contested races between many of the county commissioners vying for the seats and that makes for a slow day.

There is one race generating a lot of buzz in Ayden. It's the race for county commissioner District 6 between Glenn Bowens and Kenneth Ross. Election officials say as of about 11 a.m., they had over 100 voters turn up. Just up the road in Beaufort County, turnout was low too, even though the Sheriff's race is on the line and the District Attorney's race is heating up. Election officials there suspect one of the reasons for the low turnout is unaffiliated voters don't think they're allowed to vote in a primary but actually are.