Third Anniversary Of Hurricane Irene, Homes Still Being Rebuilt

Three years ago, Hurricane Irene blew through Eastern Carolina. Today the latest new home for victims was blessed by one church group.

Hundreds of homes were lost in the storm that came ashore August 27th, 2011 near Cape Lookout.

In Edward, Diane Clark is getting a brand new home. The Beaufort County woman was inside her double-wide mobile home when the hurricane passed overhead. It took her entire roof off, and tossed it into the backyard.

Her new 1,040 square foot home was blessed Wednesday by the United Methodist Disaster Response Team. It led volunteers who built the woman's new home for free.

They started on her home March 1st, and finished it last week.

Teams from 40 states and Canada have so far rebuilt 640 homes in Eastern Carolina from Irene. Clark's home is the 10th one they have built from the foundation up.

The organization says there are still 30-40 homes left in the area to be rebuilt from Irene.