Outer Banks Largest Taxi Service May Be in Jeopardy

It's getting even more expensive to hitch a ride on the Outer Banks these days. Most of the cab companies are charging a two dollar gas premium on top of their already beach priced fares. The largest cab company on the Outer Banks, a conglomerate of several, is actually going before the Nags Head town board to ask for a fee increase, the first in four years that could determine whether or not they stay in business. 47 cabs are expensive to operate. The upkeep alone costs about $5000 dollars a month and depending on where you call home, they can be pricey to ride in. $2.00 to get in, $1.80 a mile, and a $2.00 gas fee that goes straight to the drivers, since they pay their own gas. Now Jay Engell will be going before them next Wednesday, asking for an increase in the rate per mile his cab drivers can charge, a request that may be too costly to turn down.