Commerical Fishing Numbers Down for 2005

It's a trend those in the commercial fishing business would like to see end; a drop in harvest according the North Carolina Marine Fisheries.

In 2005, 79 million pounds of finfish and shellfish were harvested in North Carolina, bringing in $64.9 million dollars. While that may sound like a lot, it's the state's smallest harvest on record.

Officials say the lower numbers could be attributed to a lot of different things like weather, fuel prices, market demand, availability of seafood, low-cost imports, the number of people fishing and harvest restrictions.

Last year the top five species commercially harvested were (by value and pounds):
Blue Crabs (Hard) $20.3 million, Blue Crabs (Hard) 25.4 million;
Summer Flounder $7.5 million, Atlantic Menhaden 13.3 million;
Shrimp $4.4 million, Atlantic Croaker 11.5 million;
Southern Flounder $3.5 million, Summer Flounder 4 million and
Atlantic Croaker $3.3 million, Bluefish 2.8 million.