Assault at Group Home

An assault at a group home for people with mental health issues in a Jacksonville subdivision has neighbors on edge. Tuesday evening Jacksonville Police responded to 519 East Spring Hill Terrace in the Brynn Marr subdivision after receiving a call about a patient-on-patient assault.

Lawmen say 24-year-old Michael Everett repeatedly kicked another person in the head inside this house and choked him. Everett is now in jail and charged with attempted first degree murder. The victim is in the hospital in critical condition.

Although it is perfectly legal to operate this type of home in a residential community, neighbors say this isn't the first time police have been called to the home because of violence. Neighbors say they are fearful for their own safety. The owner of the home did not answer his door when we showed up to get a comment. His phone number is unlisted.

A check of state records shows the home does have all of its proper paperwork and has not received any citations for incidents related to violence.