ARIZONA POLICE: Priests Attacked At Phoenix Church, One Dies

Courtesy: Chad Bricks/News 12
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Police are searching a downtown Phoenix neighborhood and interviewing an injured priest for clues in a shooting that left another priest dead inside a Catholic church rectory.

Police Chief Daniel Garcia said Thursday that police are canvassing the area around Mother of Mercy Mission and following up on physical evidence.

Garcia says the attack is a "tragic and appalling criminal violation."

Police say the Rev. Kenneth Walker was fatally shot and the Rev. Joseph Terra was physically assaulted.

According to police, 56-year-old Terra was able to call 911.

The Rev. Fred Adamson says Terra, who is in critical but stable condition, was able to administer last rites to the 29-year-old priest.

Police say they are unsure how many attackers were involved and if robbery was the motive.

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