NEW THIS MORNING: Third Greenville Home Invasion Suspect Arrested

Police said nearly two weeks after a trio burst into a Greenville home and robbed it, they have now arrested all three men connected to the crime.

Greenville police said the robbery happened around 10:30 p.m. on May 20th at an apartment on Landmark Street.

According to police, the victims reported hearing a knock at their door and opening it to find the three men who then forced their way inside.

Witnesses told officers at least one man had a gun, and the group took a television, Xbox 360, cell phone, and a wallet from those inside.

By late May, police spokeswoman Kristen Hunter said two of the three men were arrested for the crime: 16-year-old Daekwon Daniels and 17-year-old Keyshawn Wells.

Officers said just before his arrest, Daniels had marijuana on him and tried running from police.

Hunter said police found the third suspect, 26-year-old Gerald Edwards Jr. Outside of a Greenville grocery store Wednesday evening, and arrested him on the spot.

Police call the trio "three violent offenders," and said all were taken off the street as a result of collaboration by detectives, warrant officers and the Greenville Police Department Emergency Response Team.

Hunter noted more charges could be coming for each accused robber.