Free Death Row Inmate Charged

Alan Gell, the man sentenced to die and then freed after prosecutors at his murder trial were shown to have hidden evidence that could clear him, is in trouble again. The 31-year-old Gell is accused of having sex with a teenager who is now pregnant. Authorities say he's specifically charged with 14 counts each of statutory rape and indecent liberties with a minor for allegedly starting a relationship last year with a 15-year-old girl. A search warrant shows that the girl is now 16 and pregnant, and she believes Gell may be the father. Gell is also facing a cocaine possession charge. Jeannette Johnson says the girl told her son that she was 17. Johnson also says officers found cocaine residue in a closet of a mobile home she had bought at auction for her son. Gell is being held under 322-thousand dollars bond. His mother says the family can't pay that amount because, in her words, "we're not worth that much."