More Units Could Be Built Per Acre on Beachfront Property

Pretty soon, more people could be packing beachfront accommodations in Kill Devil Hills. This week, the town council approved a measure to let a method known as floor area ratio, dictate how many units per acre beach lots could hold.

Right now, there's a limit of six units per acre on beachfront property in Kill Devil Hills. The new measure could allow for two or three times as many units, depending on their square footage.

Opponents of the increased density cite an increase not only in people, but in accompanying cars and necessary parking. Developers in favor say the new guidance system allows more flexibility to build condominiums as the market dictates, which allow shorter and cheaper stays on the beach than some of the large ten and fourteen bedroom cottages that have been erected in recent years.

Kill Devil Hills is the only town that now uses floor area ratio. Nags Head, Kitty Hawk and Duck still hold to varying numbers of units per acre.