Former Death Row Inmate Accused of Raping Teenager

Alan Gell, a former death row inmate from Bertie County, is now charged with raping a teenager. The State Bureau of Investigation began investigating Alan Gell in January. As you'll recall, Gell was on death row for several years for a crime he was eventually acquitted of. But his trouble with the law is far from over. Agents say a recent investigation gave them enough evidence to charge Gell with 14 counts of statutory rape, 14 counts of indecent liberties with a minor, two counts of statutory sex offense and 1 count of sexual exploitation of a minor. All the incidents allegedly happened in Gell's house in the Bertie County town of Lewiston. Search warrants show S.B.I. agents believe Gell had sex with a teenager who is now pregnant, and he could be that child's father. Gell is being held under $322,000 bond. Another twist to this story: The father of the pregnant teenager is also accused of raping her. He's facing charges in Gates County. Gell's next court appearance is later this month. We'll continue to update you on the case.