DEPUTIES: Wayne County Kidnapping Victim Bound With Duct Tape, Spray Painted

A Johnston County man who allegedly kidnapped and duct taped a man last week was arrested.

Wayne County Deputies charged 39-year-old Jerry Mason of Kenly with second degree kidnapping.

Deputies said the victim was kidnapped last Thursday from a home on Ivey Lane in Pikeville and taken to another home in Fremont.

Fremont Police were in the area of Aycock Street on another call when they came in contact with the suspects.

Officers then discovered the victim at the Fremont home, bound at his arms and legs with duct tape and covered in spray paint.

The victim was released and called in to be interviewed and identify suspects.

After the follow up interview, Mason was arrested and placed at a $75,000 bond.

Deputies said the kidnapping is still under investigation and more arrests are expected to be made.