Rescued Student Thankful

She was trapped nine stories above ground inside a burning building, and now she tells her story.

Rachelle Lowry, an ECU freshman, awoke from a nap to find her building on fire, but had no idea the fire was actually down on the third floor. She says the smoke was so bad, she knew she couldn't make it down the stairs, so she had to wait it out in her room.

Greenville firemen came to the rescue with their 105 foot ladder. She says, "I could tell that the firemen in my room and on the ladder had a really good grip on me, and they were just telling me every step of the way what to do, so I had a lot of confidence in them."

ECU Police have taken over the investigation from the Greenville Fire Department. Officials have ruled out an electrical cause to the blaze and are now looking at human factors.