Lockdown at Rose High School Incites Panic and Fear Among Parents

Rumors were rampant in Greenville as J.H. Rose High School went into lock down, and parents didn't know why. The school kept all students in their classrooms as part of the lockdown, which lasted from 9:15 Wednesday morning to around 10:30.

School officials tell us it was all part of a drug search, but that doesn't matter to some parents who called the school and police departments looking for answers concerning the safety of their children. Pitt County sheriff's deputies and Greenville police conducted the search. Greenville police did cite one student for possession of marijuana.

The search was done at the request of the school principal. We did some checking though and found that any school system in Eastern Carolina or the state, for that matter, can have their schools searched. Just how big of a problem is drug use in high schools?

Justice Department statistics show a little over 70 percent of high school seniors say they've consumed alcohol in the past year, 34 percent have tried marijuana, and 10 percent have used stimulants.

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