DEPUTIES: 44 Pounds Of Pot Found In Child Booster Seat, Plaques

A big stash of pot was found on Sunday, some of it hidden in a child booster seat.

Beaufort County deputies say they were watching a home for suspected drug activity when a van with South Carolina tags arrived and then left the residence.

When stopped deputies say they could smell marijuana coming from the van, and a K-9 unit alerted on several locations inside, including the booster seat and a box with several wooded plaques. The plaques contained compressed bricks of pot, while several more pounds were found stuffed inside the child's seat.

In all, nearly 44 pounds of marijuana was seized, along with several thousand dollars in cash.

Jose Ortiz and Eduardo Rosales were charged with trafficking in marijuana by possession, trafficking in marijuana by transportation, and conspiracy to traffic in marijuana. Rosales was also charged with maintaining a vehicle to facilitate drug activity.

The two Charlotte men are being held on $100,000 bonds.