Prisoner Abuse- Second Arrest

A former C-I-A contractor accused of beating an Afghan detainee was released from federal custody -- and immediately arrested by Harnett County authorities. David Passaro of Lillington had been in the Wake County jail since June while he awaited trial on the charge stemming from his work in Afghanistan. A federal judge ruled this week that he must be freed so he could help prepare his defense. But Passaro also is charged with assaulting a former girlfriend, so as soon as federal officers let him go yesterday, Harnett County officers picked him up. Bond on the domestic assault charge is 15-hundred dollars. Sheriff's Major Gary McNeill told the Fayetteville Observer that Passaro posted bond and was released yesterday afternoon. Passaro is a former Army special operations soldier who was working as a contractor in Afghanistan. He is accused of beating a suspected terrorist, who later died in custody. Passaro says he had nothing to do with the man's death, and he's being made a scapegoat.