Joe Jones in Court

Eight million dollars; that number emerged Friday from a court proceeding for a Rocky Mount investment broker charged with scamming that huge amount from hundreds of retirees. Friday's hearing for Joe Jones was held in the Nash County Courthouse. Jones faces 100 felony counts relating to financial fraud. His lawyers argued for change of venue, trying to change the trial to a different location. They claim the local jury pool has been contaminated by all the news coverage. The judge didn’t buy that argument, and dismissed the request. Jones lawyers also made a case to get Jones off house arrest and to lower his $400,000 bond. The judge agreed to remove the house arrest, but then seemed to surprise the defense when she immediately sent Jones off to the county jail until the $400,000 bond could be made. Sometime next week, a meeting will be held to set a trial date. Jones is currently also on probation for drug charges he was convicted of in August.