New Lawyers For Man Accused In Child Rape Investigation

A man charged with having inappropriate contact with boys made an appearance in superior court Wednesday.

Charles Drake's lawyer Brian King asked a Craven County Superior Court Judge if he could withdraw from the case because of a conflict of interest.

Drake's family hired two new lawyers from Johnston County.

Drake is a former assistant basketball coach and Taekwondo instructor.

He has been indicted for indecent liberties with a minor involving three different boys.

Craven County Sheriff Jerry Monette has said their investigation now shows there are not only more victims in Craven County, but possibly others in North Carolina, seven other states and even outside the United States.


A sheriff says there are at least five more local teenage victims in a rape investigation involving a former assistant basketball coach and Taekwondo instructor.

Charles Drake of River Bend was indicted by a Craven County grand jury on Monday. He is accused of raping two teenage boys.

Sheriff Jerry Monette says their investigation now shows there are not only more victims in Craven County, but possibly others in North Carolina, seven other states and even outside the United States.

Drake went before a Superior Court judge this afternoon. He was told he could spend the rest of his life in prison.

The man met some of his victims as a Taekwondo instructor, according to Monette. Drake helped teach kids at the Twin Rivers YMCA in New Bern.

"What we're looking at here is an individual who worked to gain confidence with these young men's families, then he would find times to be alone with these young men and then these incidents occurred," said the sheriff.

Monette says he has received many calls from concerned parents whose kids were in contact with the man, but that it is hard for possible victims to come forward.

"They don't like to talk to parents, they don't like to talk to authorities. It takes someone who is very skilled and trained to interview these young people and to get them to talk," said Monette. "We've tried to do everything we can to make sure the identities of these victims is not revealed in any way so they are not further traumatized by school mates or people they deal with every day."

Investigators say the crimes happened over a period of at least the last five years.

Drake's bond is now $900,000 and he remains jailed.

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A grand jury has indicted a former boy's assistant basketball coach and Taekwondo instructor with raping two teen boys.

Charles Drake of River Bend was indicted by a Craven County grand jury on Monday.

In both cases, Drake was indicted on statutory rape and sex offense with a victim under 16. Last month, deputies arrested the man for raping a 14-year-old boy. The indictments state there are now two victims under 16.

Drake had been an assistant basketball coach at The Epiphany School in New Bern, as well as a Taekwondo instructor who rented a space at the YMCA.

He remains in jail, but Captain Joe Heckman says the man could be in court for a bond hearing in the next day or two.

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The former boy's assistant basketball coach and taekwondo instructor, charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy, has had his bond reduced by a judge.

Call the bond reduction from $500,000 to $300,000 a 'Catch 22' for 29-year-old Charles Drake of River Bend. Drake was represented by his attorney at the Craven County Courthouse on Wednesday.

Drake is accused of having sex with a 14 year old at a home on Creek View Road.

The bond requires that Drake be outfitted with a monitoring device, but that's something the Craven County Sheriff's Office says they won't do.

Captain Joe Heckman said, "With his international connections I consider him a flight risk. As far as dangerous, obviously he's dangerous to children."

Those international connections are said by officials to be from his study of taekwondo.

Heckman said that Drake, a former coach at a private school in New Bern, was about to head to another state for a taekwondo event when he was arrested.

Heckman said, "We had information he was coming out of Canada and was going to be leaving for Las Vegas. He was going to be in the New Bern area for a short period of time, so we decided to take him into custody."

Drake also had ties to the Twin Rivers YMCA in New Bern. President and CEO Todd Shuart said that Drake was never an employee, but rather an instructor with Asian Taekwondo who rented a room from the YMCA.

Shuart said the allegations are scary in that it's hard to really know someone.

Shuart said, "You do the best that you can to figure out who you're hiring and hope that's enough. If they don't have any kind of record, you don't have anything to go by."

The Craven County Sheriff's Office said that Drake has no criminal past they're aware of.
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Bond for a former school basketball coach, charged with a sex offense against a 14-year-old boy, was reduced this morning to $300,000. But there's a catch, he must be electronically monitored and the sheriff is refusing to make him part of that program.

Charles Drake did not appear for this morning's bond hearing.

Authorities tell us the 29-year-old Drake lives in River Bend and was an assistant varsity basketball coach at the Epiphany School in New Bern.

Deputies tell us their investigation began after hearing of several large underage parties that involved drinking at a home on Creek View Road.

The warrant says the victim was a 14-year-old boy, and deputies say he did not attend Epiphany School.

Drake was originally jailed on a $500,000 bond.

During the bond hearing, the man's attorney told the judge that Drake had strong family ties to Craven County and had already surrendered his passport. An assistant district attorney maintained Drake was a flight risk because of his frequent travels outside the country for Taekwondo.

The judge reduced his bond to $300,000, and said if Drake is released on bond that he be placed on electronic monitoring, he can't leave Craven County and must live with his parents.

But Sheriff Jerry Monette considers Drake a flight risk, and he's not allowing Drake to be part of the monitoring program.

Deputies say there are probably more victims in this case. They say Drake was arrested after getting a tip he was returning from a trip to Canada, and was going to Las Vegas for the U.S. Open for Taekwondo.

Interim Headmaster David Wang said Drake was a seasonal employee, working at his first basketball season at Epiphany from November 1 to February 10th. He said Drake wasn't fired, but he will not be rehired either.

"I am very surprised," said Wang. "This is shocking and concerning." Wang said Drake was never alone with any of their children, and they have sent emails to all parents assuring them that none of their students were victims, and that nothing happened at the school.

Drake is world-renowned in the sport Taekwondo, having won several AAU medals.