Successful Round Up Of Suspects, But Shortly Released After Arrests

The Wilson County Sheriff's Department made several arrests early Thursday morning in a cock fighting investigation that has been going on for several weeks. The investigation began at the beginning of February after a man involved in the cock fighting, Rosondo Raygoza, was killed. The eight people arrested Thursday were all discovered on a video tape recovered during the murder investigation. Lawmen began making arrests early this morning in Chowan, Johnston, Greene, Nash, and Pitt Counties, then carried them to Wilson County to be charged with a felony. Among those arrested, the victim's brother and wife. All eight arrested for felony cock fighting, were given $1500 unsecured bond, which Sheriff Wayne Gay says is not enough. All eight arrested were out on the streets shortly after being booked. We asked the magistrate why the bond wasn't set higher. The magistrate refused to comment.