Former Police Chief Awaiting Trial Is Running For Sheriff

He resigned his position as police chief after being indicted by a grand jury, awaits trial in that case, but now wants to be sheriff. Ex-Plymouth police chief John Floyd has filed as a candidate to be the top law officer in Washington County. He wants to replace Stanley James, who was convicted in January on embezzlement charges. Floyd goes on trial in the coming weeks on three counts of obstruction of justice, one count of destruction of criminal evidence, and one count of perjury in a murder case where the suspect pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter. For now, Floyd is campaigning against four other Democrats seeking the sheriff's seat. The question is... Is it legal for someone charged with a crime to run for office? The Washington County Board of Elections says as long as a person isn't convicted of a felony, they can run. The chairman of the Washington County Democratic Party says, quote "If the law allows him to file, the Democratic Party is not in a place to discourage anyone to file and of course the people will decide. The people speak at the poll!" For more on election laws, a list of candidates running for office in our state, and campaign finance reports, just head to