Goldsboro & Washington High Schools Respond

Another school on the list is Goldsboro High School. Wake County Superior Court judge Howard Manning says the schools in question must reach at least a 55 percent end of course pass rate to keep from being shut down.

Wayne County school officials say Goldsboro High School ended last school year with a 53.3 percent pass rate, but say the school and its principal have come a long way in the last few years.

The school's principal says she is surprised by judge Manning's decision, but says she feels confident Goldsboro High School will reach at least a 60 percent pass rate at the end of this school year.

Washington County Superintendent Julius Walker says the announcement from the judge doesn't come as a surprise. But Walker says the school is making progress.

As for the leadership at Plymouth High School, Walker stands behind the principal and doesn't plan to make any changes.