It's The Time Of Year When Doctors See Increase In Illnesses

While the roller coaster temperatures and wild swings in weather won't necessarily make you sick, doctors say this is the time of year they see an increase in illnesses. And that's exactly what's happening right now. Colds, flu, pneumonia, and allergies are all on the increase. In fact, doctors say the last couple of days have been extremely tough. Of course there are steps to try and avoid germs. Washing your hands helps reduce your risk for both colds and the flu. Also, doctors stress drink plenty of water. And health officials across the state say the flu is on the rise. Through last week they were calling this flu season sporadic or regional, but more than 70 health care providers across the state now report spikes in flulike illnesses. For a look at how we fare compared to other states, and for tips to deal with the flu, just head to this website,