TROOPER: Drivers, Baby Survive Head-On Collision In Pitt County

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Two people and a baby survived a head-on collision when a car that was going too fast hit a small pick-up truck.

Trooper Greg Koonce responded to the wreck at 9:05 a.m. on Highway 903 at Brown Rd. In Pitt County. Koonce says John Worsley III was speeding in his Ford Crown Victoria, crossed the center line and collided with a Chevy Avalanche pickup truck. That truck was driven by Jeremy McAllister. McAllister was in the truck by himself, while Worsley was traveling with a baby. The impact knocked out the Ford's engine.

Chris White says the Crown Victoria just missed his car before veering sideways and hitting the pickup. White says he pulled the child out from the car, still buckled to its car seat.

Trooper Koonce says the injuries were minor, but all three people were taken to the hospital. He described their injuries as "bumps and bruises."

Trooper Koonce says everyone, including the baby, was wearing seat belts, which proves how effective they are in protecting people.