Four Greenville Shootings In One Day

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Police are working to find the people behind the guns of four different shooting incidents in the city that started around 10 a.m. Tuesday and ended by midnight.

First, police reports shows a gun was drawn and shots fired near the intersection of West Arlington Boulevard and Beasley Drive.

That report was made Tuesday morning and listed one victim. No injuries were reported in that case.

Next, at 2 p.m. a man was injured after shots were fired at a Greenville home.

Reports indicate a 21-year-old man had minor injuries after bullets grazed a screen door and a metal door at 1101 Van Dyke Street.

As the afternoon faded to night, officers were called for another shooting, this one on Kristen Drive.

Police said a call came in around 10 p.m. to the 100 block of Kristen Drive. One man was shot and was taken to Vidant Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

Wrapping up Tuesday night, an investigation continued into the early hours of Wednesday as shots rang out at 1008 Graves Street.

A homeowner tells WITN she was sleeping when a bullet hit the headboard of her bed a little after midnight. That same woman said her home now has up to 17 bullet holes.

Police said they believed the Kristen Drive and Graves Street shootings are connected.

No word yet on any suspects in any of the four shooting investigations.