Kinston Charter Academy Might Sue State For Staff Pay, About $200,000

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Kinston Charter Academy is considering a lawsuit against the state after employees were not paid for work they did before the school closed down.

The charter school on Highway 11 closed back in September, and staff members still haven't received their paychecks for the time they spent working until the final day of classes, and the end of the transition out of the building. Principal Ozie Hall says because of the financial situation the shutdown put the school in, they couldn't afford to pay the employees. He says the N.C. Department of Public Instruction should fund it.

"We also have considered litigation, and we actually right now have been in the process of getting the research completed to be able to put together a potential lawsuit against the Department of Public Instruction," said Hall.

We received a statement from the DPI saying it's the school's responsibility to manage its allotted amount of finances, and budget until the next allotment is given out.