Parents Of The Man Shot Last Week Speak To WITN

A man shot by Greenville police after a chase last week will be laid to rest Saturday. Thursday, his parents spoke about the loss of their son. This case is a very difficult one for all involved. 34-year-old Kerry Turner was shot and killed a week ago. Police say they were trying to serve involuntary commitment papers on Turner when he barricaded himself inside his home on Crestwood Drive and led officers to believe he had a gun.

They say Turner then took off, running over mailboxes and ramming police cars with his Ford Explorer. Officers opened fire, and Turner was fatally hit. As is procedure, the police officers involved in the shooting were put on administrative leave with pay while the State Bureau of Investigation was called in. The bureau tells WITN-7 the investigation could last into March. We also confirmed Thursday the final autopsy report will also not be completed for several months and is now in the hands of the state medical examiner.

Reports show Turner had a criminal record and also suffered from bi-polar disorder. That disorder is also known as manic depression, and it causes unusual shifts in a person's mood, energy, and ability to function. Turner's parents say it was just one of the problems their son faced... problems he tried to tackle with determination and courage. The family isn't sure if Kerry had been taking his medications properly in recent days, leading up to last Thursday's incident.